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Art and Cultural attractions in Rehoboth Beach

The coastal city of Rehoboth Beach is one of the most favorite destinations for tourists. The scenic beauty of the place, water recreation activities, the trails, numerous parks, delicious local cuisines, the shopping area, and its lively nightlife make them a paradise for all travelers worldwide.

If you are a person who loves to explore the culture and history of the place along with enjoying the beauty of the place, Rehoboth beach will be a great spot for you. The city has various places and cultural and art activities that will give you an insight into its rich history, tradition, and culture.

You can look at the list below to learn and understand Rehoboth better. You can add these stops to your itinerary to taste the place’s soul, art, and culture.

Old Time Photos

This is a studio that was established by Jim Miller in 1980. It is one such service with various costumes in its collections. It has a range of costumes from the 1800s to the 1930s and some modern collections in its stock. The visitors can wear any of those costumes and click a picture.

The studio has numerous backgrounds and setting from different parts of the timeline. This studio is also used for TV shows, private events, sports, and other photography. So, click some photos with any background, wear a costume, and be a part of the history.

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church

The Westminster Presbyterian Church is located in an attractive spot on Rehoboth beach and welcomes everyone who wants to spread the holy message. Suppose you want to understand more about this Presbyterian Church, its traditions, history, and beliefs, you can take part in some of the musical events and group discussions. Moreover, if you visit Rehoboth beach during Christmas or any festival occasion, the Westminster Presbyterian Church is a visual treat to your eyes.

Rehoboth Art League

If you are an art enthusiast, you should visit the Rehoboth Art League, which is spread over a 3.5-acre campus. Even though this art gallery has only a small art collection, it is fascinating. This is one of the places where you should visit to understand and learn about the local art. They exhibit a range of art works that will promote local artists and educate visitors on the same. Every year they conduct many exhibitions, and you can take a membership to participate and learn more about it.

Variety of festivals

Rehoboth beach is known for the variety of festivals it has in its stock. Starting from the Autumn Jazz festival that happens at the beginning of the falls, you will have many cool things to see. The Sea Witch festival in Rehoboth is another festival you should see at least once in your life. This festival, which is a tribute to Halloween, features costumes and candy and lights up the entire bayfront at Rehoboth beach.

Thus, Rehoboth beach is a place known not just for its adventurous water recreation activities and picturesque views but also for its rich tradition and culture.

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