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Best Water Recreation activities in Rehoboth Beach

Are you a massive fan of water recreation activities? Or have you felt like the ocean breezes luring you to surf? Then you can go to the picturesque shoreline city of Rehoboth beach to have a fun and adventurous vacation. There are many things of enjoy in this scenic coastal live city. The mile-long boardwalk, the food shops, play areas, and stunning views make the city one of the most beloved vacation spots. You can also take a long walk by the boardwalk and play by the beach.

But if you love water recreation activities, you may try the following things at Rehoboth Beach.

Fisherman’s Wharf amenities

If you want to get the real essence of boating, you need to visit fisherman’s Wharf. A place visited by tourists and residents alike, it is situated by the Lewes drawbridge. The company will offer you sunset cruises and half-day, full-day, and semi-private tours.

What makes the tour more exciting is the fact that the travelers can sign up for dolphin and whale watching excursions. You can also go for deep-sea fishing adventures. Fisherman Wharf has many cruisers, deep-sea charter boats, and heated boats. When going on the deep sea fishing adventure, you will be guided by experienced guides who can help you catch fish like mackerel or halibut.

Guests are allowed to bring their rods and supplies, or they can buy or rent supplies as well. Expert guides suggest that it is best to bring your jacket, towel, sunglasses, and photo Id that will match the fishing license. So, get ready to take home your catches.

Rehoboth Beach Surf Boarding school

If you want to splash the wave and surf, you may join the Rehoboth Beach Surf Boarding school. This is one of the places where locals go to learn water sports since 2000. If you are a surfing enthusiast, you can sign up for group, semi-private, or private lessons. The instructors will be highly experienced individuals who will help the students to work at their own pace.

The place you will be learning surfing will have low waves, enabling even beginners to surf easily. Attendees will only have to bring a towel with them. Remaining supplies, such as surfboards, life jackets, and other relevant gear, are added to the lesson cost.

Dewey beach Watersports

Dewey beach Watersports

Do you wish to be the captain for a day? Then you should go to Dewey beach Water sports, where you can rent a boat. You can also rent out the powerful jet skis that are perfect for traversing the bay. You can also go kayaking or get stand-up paddleboard rentals from here. The company also allows the visitors to go for a banana boat ride, enabling the guest to bring their own private craft and launch it. You can also rent and sells pulls-behind tube and other devices you will need for the day. The place is more appealing because it is quiet and calm, considering the crowd and noisy ambiance of Dewey beach.

Whether you want to enjoy the scenery from a boat, catch some fish, or paddle the waters, you can explore a new world here at Rehoboth beach.

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