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Dining and Nightlife in Rehoboth Beach

If you are looking for a place to enjoy your vacation, tasting an abundance of mouth-watering delicacies and exciting nightlife, Rehoboth Beach will be the perfect place. This coastal city has a lot to offer to all its visitors. There is a lot to see in this beautiful city. The scenic views, amusements, and events make Rehoboth beach worthy of a visit.

So, if you plan to spend your holiday on Rehoboth beach, understand that this is a haven for nightlife and mouth-watering food. Here you will be able to explore many hips, casual, and upscale restaurants that will satisfy all of your taste buds. In addition, you will be able to see some great seafood kitchens and classy bars. Everything is available here, whether you are craving to taste fresh farm–to–table dishes or the fresh catch of the day with some mouth-watering local dishes. You may look into this guide to know where to go for good dining and nightlife in Rehoboth beach.

Brewings & Eats

Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats

This is the right place for you if you are searching for delicious food, a creative cocktail, and some live music. Wood-fired pizzas, crab corn chowder, and sizzling burgers are available here. Not just the delicacies, this eclectic brewpub is known for celebrating artists and talents across the world. While enjoying the food, do not forget to look at the marvelous artwork displayed on the walls and enjoy the live music.

Eden Restaurant

If you visit the place with your partner and want to spend a super romantic evening, the Eden restaurant is the right place for you. The intimate and urban romantic vibe the restaurant provides will make us believe in love and all the cheesy things you see in movies.

Here you will be able to see American gourmet eats and delicious wines. You can start your date with artisanal cheese spreads and taste a roasted snapper or crispy duck breast. Finish your meal with a dark chocolate torte.

The Cultured Pearl restaurant and sushi bar

The local cultured Pearl is that restaurant where east meets west. Here you will be allowed to pick from the Edamame bar and Noodle Bar and will be able to taste a variety of Susi plates.

Pearl restaurant

Salt Air

This is where you can taste the local taste of Rehoboth beach. The place’s rustic décor, seasonal and farm-to-table dishes, and unique wines will enhance your experience. And finish your food with an array of mocktails and wine. If you are a seafood fan, this is where you will be able to satisfy your palate.

Dewey Beer Company

This brewery and eatery, with a rotating menu, rustic ambiance, and fine wine, will give satisfactory meals. Of course, you should try the restaurant’s appetizers, like calamari, chili cheese nachos, and saucy wings. What makes the dinner menu a real treat is its long list of fresh catch of the day, baby back ribs, and sizzling steaks. If you want to experience good dining and nightlife at Rehoboth beach, do not forget to visit these places.


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