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First Timer’s Guide to Rehoboth Beach

Are you going to visit Rehoboth Beach for the first time? Great! This is a great place with scenic views, elegant restaurants, numerous amusements, a plethora of shopping outlets, and attractions.

If this is your first time at Rehoboth beach, this guide will help you throughout your visit. So, follow this travel guide if you are visiting Rehoboth beach in the first place.

Gordons pond

Gordons pond

Gordons Pond is the best hiking and biking trail in Delaware. This trial spreads over 5 miles and offers many activities like biking, hiking, walking, bird watching, and more. The trail has almost 5,200 acres of wildlife, making it home to many mammals, birds, and reptiles. The bikers can go for 3.3 miles of the scenic ride, crossing the pond and lush forest.

You will be able to appreciate the wetlands and dunes and can also enjoy the scenic beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. But while walking, running, or biking, remember that the trail is bumpy. Therefore it is better to remain careful.

Lupo Italian kitchen

If you are looking for an excellent Italian restaurant, then this restaurant located on Rehoboth Avenue downtown will be a great option. You can choose from traditional and non-traditional Italian cuisines and classic Mediterranean dishes. In addition, you can try to pair them with the place’s fresh seafood and local produce.

You can also taste some authentic Italian wines; the restaurant has a vast collection of wines. But the best time to visit the place will be on Wednesdays when they give 50% off for their pasta dishes. So if you visit the restaurant, do not forget to taste their shrimp carbonara, lobster bucatini, clams, and rigatoni Bolognese.

Clear space Theatre Company

Visiting the Clear Space Theatre Company will be a great experience if you enjoy arts and theatre. It is home to performing arts and mostly the famous Broadway performances.

The theatre will provide a huge opportunity to attend Broadway-bound classes that professionals in the industry teach. If you are someone who wants to improve your skills in dancing, singing, acting, or even voice classes, this is a suitable space for you. They also provide life skills classes and help the students improve their public speaking skills. If you do not want to learn anything, you can just watch some good musicals.

Rehoboth Beach and Boardwalk

Rehoboth Beach and Boardwalk

The 2.7 miles long Rehoboth beach and boardwalk is a place worthy of spending your entire day. Located along the Atlantic Ocean, this place is perfect for providing various events and activities and is also a great dining spot.

You will be able to enjoy spas and wellness centers, along with a range of restaurants. You can also find many water recreation activities like surfing and kayaking. In addition, you will be able to go on boat tours and fish in the sea. Another thing that you should explore is the nightlife of the place. There are many clubs and bars that overlook the ocean, which will give you an insight into the liveliness of the Rehoboth beach. Even though there is a lot to do and see in Rehoboth Beach, make sure to add these stops to your itinerary.

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