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Fun Activities To Do In Rehoboth Beach

Situated on the Atlantic, Rehoboth beach is one of Delaware’s most visited cities. With its waterfront homes, excellent restaurant, and stunning architecture, this city on the shore is a must-visit place. The place offers exceptional dining, nightlife, and amusement with a coastline of more than 30 miles. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can indulge in fun activities like kayaking, sailing, and surfing. However, if you are not into adventure sports, you can just walk by the trails and admire its picturesque views.

Rehoboth beach

Even though there are various places to visit in Rehoboth Beach, what makes the place worthy is the amusements that it has in its store. So, if you are visiting this city, along with enjoying the spectacular views, engage in the fun activities that are mentioned below to make your trip memorable.


If you are visiting Rehoboth Beach, you will be amused by the number of parks in the city. First, you can visit the park on Lake Gerar, which spreads across 15 acres. The park features a fishing pier, manicured garden, trails, play areas, and more. Then there is Grove Park, which will be a perfect spot for you to relax and enjoy the scenic views on a summer day. Various other parks on Rehoboth beach offer sports courts.

If you plan to visit the city in summer, you must make a reservation to try your hand at tennis or pickleball.

Water Recreation

Since the city is close to water, Rehoboth Beach offers various water recreation activities throughout the year. Paddle boarding and kayaking are the most popular activities among both visitors and residents. You can also go for kite surfing and boat rentals at a nominal fee.

Hiking and biking trials

If you are not into water recreation activities, there are plenty of things to do on the land. Numerous hiking and biking trails will enable you to enjoy the scenic view of the areas. The Junction and Break Water trail is famous for allowing bikes and leashed dogs to go on trial. You will come across forests, fields, and coastal marshes in this 5.8-meter trail.

If you love cycling, visit the 3.2 miles long bike Gordons Pond Trail. This trail is perfect for walking, cycling, running, and bird watching. Then there is the 2.6 miles long The Walking dunes trail that takes travelers into open dunes, maritime forests, and wetlands.

Rehoboth Beach Shopping

There are numerous shopping areas on Rehoboth beach that will drive all the visitors crazy. You can start with most Penny Lane malls, the most famous open-air mall where you can see many locally owned boutiques and some cute cafes.

The Tanger Outlet is another stop to make if you are a shopping lover. This is where you can buy many things at the best deals. With more than 130 stores, this outlet will enable visitors to choose from their favorite brands at the best prices. This is also an open-air mall that is easily accessible to the guest even if it is a busy weakened day.

There are countless activities to indulge in at Rehoboth beach. If you are short on time, do not miss out on the activities mentioned above to have a wholesome experience.

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