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How to Make your Bed & Breakfast Pet-Friendly for Guests

It is no surprise that people often want to spend their holiday with their loved ones, including their four-legged furry friends. Leaving your pets behind and not always knowing what is happening to them is difficult for pet owners to deal with while on vacation. This is why there has recently been an increase in pet-friendly establishments. In the past, many corporate hotels and other establishments were not accepting pets in their compounds, but things are much different now. People who travel with their pets have increased significantly, and pet owners are willing to pay more money to provide their pets with comfortable accommodations. Becoming a pet-friendly establishment is only likely to increase your marketability, even among customers who don’t own a pet. Only a significantly small population is extremely reluctant to stay at a pet-friendly establishment. However, it is to be noted that you cannot appeal to every customer out there.

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People keep different kinds of animals as pets. The most commonly kept pets are cats and dogs; however, people also keep rabbits, birds, ferrets, and guinea pigs as pets. When you decide to keep your establishment pet-friendly, decide on the kinds of pets, you will allow into your premises. Decide on the rules and regulations for pet owners. It is worth researching and communicating with other pet-friendly establishments to understand the problems they are facing and the kind of rules they have set in place. Also, decide whether you want to go pet-friendly all the way or keep some of the rooms reserved for it. For a satisfactory pet-friendly establishment, some features are potty areas, crates, and treats for furry guests. The potty area should be ideally located far away from the lounging and gathering areas. Include pet beds, food, water bowls, separate towels for pets, etc., to provide a comfortable stay for the guests.

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One of the biggest challenges that come with owning a pet-friendly establishment is keeping your establishment clean. Pets like cats and dogs shed fur, which can cling to furniture and sheets. There could also be a distinct odor associated with the pet-friendly rooms that other guests may not like. Many pet owners don’t treat their animals for fleas and ticks; therefore, it is a good idea to deep clean your pet-friendly rooms often. It is essential to charge an additional price for the pet owners to cover these maintenance costs. Pets can also scratch the floors, chew carpets, cause noise pollution and disturbance to other guests, etc. It is necessary to ponder these points before deciding on whether you want to make your establishment pet-friendly. One of the major benefits of turning your Bed and Breakfast pet-friendly is that you can charge higher rates, owing to the high maintenance costs and low availability of pet-friendly establishments.

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