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Things to Do in Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach is one of the most popular summer destinations on the United States’ east coast. It is aptly referred to as America’s Summer Capital. Picturesque beaches and delicious food are significant attractions that draw tourists of all ages alike. Here are some of the best things to do in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware:

Spend Time at the Beach:

This is one of the obvious things to do at Rehoboth Beach. All beaches have free access; however, you must pay for parking space. Bathing in the sun is one of the most exciting things to do in this summer destination. When you want to take a break from the sun, there are plenty of options to have fun. This popular destination is almost always crowded, but the nearby beaches of Lewes, Dewey and Bethany are often less crowded though they are hard to access. The Rehoboth Beach also have a nice boardwalk which can be used for a nice walk at night. Lined along the boardwalk are endless shops to indulge in fun and entertainment, socialization and delicious food. You can find arcades, food stalls, hotels, mini golf courses, souvenir shops, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants etc.

Visit Funland:

Visit Funland

Funland is one of the popular destinations to visit on Rehoboth Beach. This amusement park is a must-go place if you are visiting with your children. This old-fashioned park, featuring plenty of rides and games, is a perfect place for the kids and parents to spend an afternoon away from the sun. Entry to this magic land is free; however, rides can cost you money. There are plenty of thrill rides for older kids and simple rides like carousels for younger kids. Some popular rides in Funland are Haunted Mansion, Sea Dragon ship, SuperFlip 360, Frog Bog and Goblet Toss.

Visit Cape Henlopen State Park:

Cape Henlopen State Park is just 2 miles north of Rehoboth Beach and offers fun activities like swimming, fishing and hiking. Gordons Pond is one of the most popular trails in Cape Henlopen State Park. You can inspect the iconic World War 2 towers in the sand here. Herring Point, Fort Miles, and Seaside Nature Center are some of the other popular attractions of the place. Herring Point beach is also pet-friendly, so it might be a great place to bring your fur friend along with. You can get a closer view of the marine life at the Seaside Nature Center.

Shop in Penny Lane Mall:

Penny Lane Mall is an open-air Mall inspired by European street-style shopping. You can find cosy cades, boutiques, and souvenir shops all lined up in a single lane. Shopping in Penny Mall is a fun afternoon activity. Rehoboth Beach is a popular destination for seafood lovers. You also have the opportunity to catch some yourself here. Surf fishing is a popular activity in the Delaware Seashore State Park. You can also indulge in delicious treats at famous local restaurants like Grotto Pizza, Dolles, Nicola Pizza, Candy Kitchen, Starkey’s etc.

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