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Places To Visit in Rehoboth Beach

If you plan to go for a family beach vacation, Rehoboth Beach, located on Delaware’s shores, will be a great place to spend time with your family. With 30 miles of coastal lines, this area is known for its mesmerizing boardwalk, excellent hotels, amusements, a wide range of shopping areas, and some fine restaurants. Moreover, if you are a sports enthusiast, you can indulge in various activities like sailing and surfing. Visitors can also enjoy the diverse events and explore the various attractions.

If you plan to spend your holiday at Rehoboth beach, here is the list of things to do on the beach.

Gordons Pond, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Gordons Pond

This place is the best hiking and biking trail in Delaware. This place is a good spot for hiking because of the scenic views and the trail that crosses the ponds and into the lush green forest. You can stop by this spot to admire the dunes and wetlands and enjoy the heavenly view of the Atlantic Ocean.

This trial is a broad elevated walk with two observation points, allowing the tourist to enjoy the picturesque views of the ocean and the surrounding landscape. As the place is home to various reptiles and mammals, if you visit the site in summer, you might be able to see a nesting ground for piping plovers.

Delaware Seashore State Park

Delaware Seashore State Park is a vast park that extends over 2825 acres. This enormous park is surrounded by water, Indian River bay on the west, and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. The park is considered a haven for sunbathing and swimming and is filled with bathhouses, rafts, snacks, and umbrella chairs. If you want to enjoy the place to its fullest, purchase a surf fishing permit that will allow you to drive through the sand and go to the areas destined for fishing. So, go to the park with your family, enjoy the wind, and have a great surfing experience.

Indian River Life-Saving Station, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Indian River Life-Saving Station is a part of Delaware’s history trails and one of the historic destinations in the Delaware area. This place was built as a memorial of the shipwreck that happened in the 1800s. It is now used for night beach patrol and high sea rescues.

The station has been in its current location since 1877 and enables self-guided or staff-guided tours. Surrounded by mesmerizing sand beaches, you can rent this place for special occasions.

Breakwater Trail

Junction and Breakwater Trail

The modern-day Junction and Breakwater Trail was opened in 2003, even though the rail-trail history can be drawn back to the 1800s. Initially started as a 3.6-mile trail in 2003, it extended to a 6-mile trail in 2007. By following this trail, you can run into Lewes beach and Cape Henlopen State Park. You could also see the natural coastal forest, large farm fields, and shopping centers. In addition, you can visit the World War II observation towers and the picturesque view of the pine-studded crushed stone trail. So, if you are planning to visit Rehoboth Beach, add these stops to your itinerary to get the complete essence of your trip.

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