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Ways to Advertise Your Bed and Breakfast

The key strategy to successfully advertise any business is to understand your customer. Who is your ideal customer? What is the target audience for your service? Understanding your niche and considering past customer data can better position your B&B in the market. Think about the kind of experience you provide to travelers or residents. Why are they attracted to your B&B? Understanding why a group of people prefers your service is essential in continuing to stand out and building a successful brand. Here are some of the ways to advertise your B&Bs for high sales and good revenue:


Build a Website and Blog:

In today’s digital world, search engines are one of the ways a customer knows about your brand. Therefore, having a website and a blog for your B&B is essential. On a website, you can share all relevant information about your service, including all the amenities you provide for the guests. With the blog, you can provide content that your niche market will be interested in knowing about. When customers search for a product or service at some point in life and visit your website or blog, it has the same effect as old-school advertising campaigns. With a website, you can also incorporate local SEO strategies to rank higher on Search Engine Results. Local SEO is location sensitive and is especially beneficial if you have B&Bs in different locations. This ensures that the travelers find out about your brand and service based on the specific location they are asking about. It is also important to optimize your website for mobile users.

Travel Websites and Online Directories:

You might have seen already established travel websites and directories that millions of people visit each day. In fact, when a traveler initially searches for a place to stay, they prefer to look at these listings as they are complete with reviews, pictures, and price ranges. As such, advertising on travel websites and online directories is a great way to compete against other B&Bs for a customer’s attention. Make sure to include all the information related to your B&B, such as Location, Phone numbers, Maps, Website, Blog, etc. Ensure that all the information given across different spaces across the internet is correct and the same.

Social Media:

Social Media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube offer unique ways to stand out among the crowd. Make sure to post quality content consistently. The key to staying relevant is to get people talking about you. The majority of customers spend approximately three hours per day on an average on social media sites. This is an excellent opportunity to put your content in front of your customers. Another strategy many brands use is to provide special discounts for guests with considerable social media following to share their experience with the brand.

Get Good Reviews:

Getting good reviews for your brand is an excellent strategy to establish yourself as an industry leader. Today’s customers base their decision on the reviews and ratings they find on the internet. If you achieve good ratings and reviews, customers will prefer your B&B to the competition. Encourage your guests to leave a review before leaving the premises.

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